BGL Flowers

Welcome to BGL Flowers!

Thanks for stopping by!

We are BGL Flowers - this site is a showcase of some of the roses, fuschias, geraniums, and other beautiful flowers that we currently grow at our residence in Fort Bragg, CA.  Our rose bushes are quite old and delicate, and have been in residence much longer than we have!

 Please take a look around, and enjoy the images we are collecting of our beautiful plants!  Our locally grown rose bushes bloom in the spring and in the fall... and they are quite a sight to behold!

Watch for the spring, when our flowers begin to bloom again... we will also be including great pictures of some of the edibles that we enjoy growing and collecting here!

(And you might catch a glimpse or two of our dozen chickens here and there as well... here's hoping we can teach them to not eat the flowers!)